Personal homepage of Sorin Sbarnea

Writing about yourself seems to always be challenge but somehow I need to put something on this page. Mainly I created this site as a blog, where I could share with others some of the things I learn over the time.

I live in Norwich, UK and I am working for Red Hat (IBM) as part of the OpenStack team, focusing mostly on continuous integration.

Nowadays, I do code mostly in Python, Ansible and whatever else it takes to get the things done.

As I do like to give back to the community, I am also core contributor or maintainer in few other Python based open source projects like:

  • ansible/molecule -- the role testing framework for Ansible

  • pytest-molecule - a small plugin I made that enables pytest to detect and run molecule test scenarios.

  • selinux - a small python shim library that unlocks access to system python selinux bindings.

  • jira - client library and CLI for communicating with JIRA Issue Tracker

  • jenkins-job-builder and python-jenkins - used to automate management of Jenkins jobs.

  • git-review - the client that eases interaction between git and Gerrit

  • doc8 - style checker for RST

  • ansible-lint - a project that helps you write better roles and playbooks by checking style and common usage mistakes.

You may also want to check the list of tools I use and occasionally fix a bug or two in those too.